Amelie Schlaeffer

Magic Lasso (2023)

‘Florida Man’ (2023)
Acrylic on Canvas
185cm x 95cm

‘Magic Lasso’ (2023)
Steel and Aluminium Sculpture
185cm x 95cm x 7cm
(Installation view at MUD Foundation, Miami)

This series of paintings and sculpture composed under the title Magic Lasso, use a common photo editing tool to grapple with over-curation, censorship and skewing of perspective. The separation of space within and outside of the Magic Lasso works to censor surroundings; what must be seen and what mustn’t. It serves as an exploration of the emerging need to artificially produce and be in control of one’s image, and proposes the Magic Lasso as a utilitarian object placed in our world to streamline our perception. The vague white male figure crudely photo-chopped onto translucent canvas reads as a symbol for a flattened, unintelligible vision of the supposed users of cyberspace. The paintings appropriate people as found objects, using Google Street View as a source of symbolic characters to be subjected to this process.

Currently on view in ‘Media Under Dystopia’ at The MUD Foundation, Miami from November 29th/2023 until June 30th/2024.

Previous works in the series:
Acryclic on Canvas
40cm x 22cm (16/9)
‘Arden’                                                     ‘Novosibirsk’

‘Mexico City’                                        ‘Essaouira’

‘Floßgasse 1’