Amelie Schlaeffer

Data Footprint (2019)

Three Plaster Casts
ca. 25cm x 10cm

Footprints can be seen as metaphorical data that we leave behind, and data is often collected and used without the definitive consent or knowledge of its originator. This video piece explores the idea of harvesting data, by zooming into a stranger’s stolen footprint -cast in plaster in a public park - using the visual language of surveillance. Does being present in a public space revoke ownership to traces and extensions of existence? This video piece sees the ‘found’ object transpire into a grainy data landscape, referencing the ambiguity of what happens to data in the hands of a third party, with the soundscape being an original recording taken on a visit to a datacentre in Slough, UK.

Press Coverage by Serving the People: read the article here.

Video Installation
Box Monitor, 1 minute duration